Unofficially Balmoral, all you need to know about Balmoral Castle

Unofficially Balmoral Castle

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Unofficially Balmoral, all you need to know about Balmoral Castle

Welcome to Unofficially Balmoral, all you need to know about Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family since it was purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852.

The original castle was considered too small for the needs of the Royal Family and under the supervision of Prince Albert a new building was designed. The castle was built from granite from the neighbouring quarries of Glen Gelder, which produced a near white stone.

On 28th September 1853 the foundation stone of the new castle was laid by Queen Victoria and building was finally completed in 1856. The original castle was demolished and the position of the front door of the old castle is marked by a plaque on the front lawn.


The Gardens

The gardens which were started under the supervision of Prince Albert, have been expanded and improved by successive members of the Royal Family.

The formal gardens, covering some three acres, also contain a range of glasshouses and the conservatory.   These are all designed to be in full flower between August and October when the Royal Family are in residence.

The Duke of Edinburgh extended the gardens to incorporate a large kitchen garden and also created a water garden.   The water garden is situated by Garden Cottage.  

Queen Victoria used the cottage to take breakfast, deal with State correspondence and write her diaries.

The first cottage was a wooden building, completed in 1863, and was occupied by a Gardener.  However the wooden cottage was later demolished and a new  stone cottage, clad in part with wood, was completed in 1895.   

The cottage is not open to the Public but it is possible to "peek" through the windows to view the interior, which remains virtually as it would have been for Queen Victoria.

This cottage is nowadays occupied, when The Queen is in residence in the Castle, by some of the private secretaries.


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